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Appendicitis and magnetizer

Instead of the scalpel, the antibiotic!

Appendicitis is caused by inflammation of the appendix, which is a small, ganglion-like organ attached to the base of the right side of the large intestine.

For the past ten years, it has been recognized that it is possible to treat simple appendicitis with an antibiotic instead of operating it.

Logically, the French Society of Digestive Surgery and the Haute Autorité de santé recommend appendectomy (removal of the appendix) for at least four reasons:

- in a fee-for-service system, appendectomy is an easy and profitable operation.

- fear of complications, even if today we know that appendicitis is either simple or complicated from the outset. Simple appendicitis, put on antibiotics, will not turn into peritonitis.

- Usually, digestive surgeons, regardless of their age, often performed this act as the first operation during their training.

- for many, many years, medical students learned that all acute appendicitis has an unpredictable course and must be operated on urgently.

With this murky period (text written on November 03, 2020) of intensive deprogramming of operations, it would be useful to be able to cross off certain operations, even if they are emergencies!

72,180 appendectomies were performed in 2019.

Studies have shown that the overall health of people who have operated on was comparable to that of people treated with antibiotics, even with calcification in the appendix (stercolith) after one month.

You should know that 3 months later, 30% of people treated with antibiotics are operated.

One day, the question of any act, of any treatment, should be addressed with complete transparency. This means informing patients of the real risks and benefits of any treatment!

Now, they've finally discovered that this tiny organ, the appendix, has some use. The magnetizer was right. The magnetizer was right


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