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Acne and the magnetizer

What is the action of the magnetizer?

The magnetizer must act on the hormonal balance, remove the skin infection, rebalance the pH of the skin and the skin flora, and regenerate the texture of the skin by acting on the 3 layers of the skin: the epidermis , the dermis and the hypodermis.

The magnetizer is interested in the skin microbiome. Its imbalance promotes the multiplication of the bacteria responsible for acne, "Cutibacterium acnes".

The action of the magnetizer is to calm the immune system responsible for the inflammation of the buttons and to limit the sebum production of the sebaceous glands.

There is acne on the right cheek of a young girl
Acne on the face.

Are the creams sufficient?

Yes, if the acne is limited to a few pimples. Always use a cleansing gel suitable for the pH of the skin.

Organic or not?

Organic: logically, it is always better, but avoid essential oils which unbalance the skin flora as well as those of citrus fruits which activate the humanitarian system triggering the inflammation of pimples.

Can we touch the buttons?

If the button is red, nothing will come out. Triturating it will only encyst it further. Instead of disappearing in ten days, it will take more than a month. Also do not touch the inlaid buttons. Avoid scrubs and masks accompanied by treatments or too stripping gestures, because they cause an excitation of the sebaceous glands which produce more sebum.

Can you get adult acne if you haven't had it as a teenager?

Endocrine disruptors are certainly responsible for the increase in women having acne after 25 years when they were fortunate enough never to have had it. Acne in adult women only affects the lower part of the face, most commonly it is deep and painful inflammatory pimples.

Does stress play a role?

Apart from hormones, stress as well as lack of sleep and smoking can be aggravating factors.

A young woman shows her acne pimples on her chin with her fingers.
Mild acne on the chin

Can pregnancy be an aggravating factor?

60% of women during pregnancy worsen or trigger acne. For half of them, the skin improves naturally.

Can we apply makeup with acne?

Moisturizer should be light and non-comedogenic and for makeup choose BB and CC creams as they hide pimples and make life easier. To remove makeup, use micellar water.


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