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The magnetizer is consulted by womenwho suffer from the absence of pleasure

More and more women who are younger and younger consult me ​​for suffering related to their lack of desire and the absence of pleasure (not even to mention orgasm). Yet it is so simple.

But, we can revel in more and more information that comes to sow discord. The last article seen in the Femina Sud-Ouest version of this weekend was the last straw. What follows is the beginning of my text which will be completed as and when I become available. Read in a cool way, the joke must be nice, because everything is simple in reality. ⦁ The new distribution of tasks and roles in the couple calls into question the traditional notion of masculinity and some sociologists take advantage of this to sow confusion, by persuading that: “until now men have transferred the control they exercised over sex and sexuality in the home ”. First, in the past not all men exercised control over the household. Second, when men are feminized, they find it difficult to express their authority and autonomy, especially in matters of sexuality. ​ ⦁ “The Extraordinary Orgasm Studies, a US study published in 2017… I'd like to know who commissioned this study.

The right profile of a young blonde woman facing the left profile of a brunette woman with the magnetizer in a purple background.

"95% of heterosexual men say they usually reach orgasm during sex. This is only the case for 65% of heterosexual women ... and 86% of lesbian women! There is no underlying relationship of domination between women. " ​ First, should we see the promotion or the valuation of one practice over another? The study forgot to mention the percentage of women who have an orgasm while having sex with me! 99.99% ? Obviously, there is no indirect message, we must not see the evil everywhere!

Second, we give the percentage of non-heterosexual women, but not the percentage of non-heterosexual men. A simple oversight, I guess! ​ Third, between women there is no underlying relationship of domination. OK, then, of course, this is direct domination! Perhaps underlying ? ​ Fourth, the percentage for heterosexual men does not differentiate ejaculation from orgasm. This confusion is surprising for a specialist.

Fifth, the difference in percentages between heterosexual women and lesbian women is explained by the enhancement of an attraction, but also, when you find yourself in a gender identity that does not match the dominant role models, you feel compelled to justify yourself consciously or not by valuing your choice. ​ 21% of queers say they usually reach orgasm with sex, not great. We also find the case of unconscious classic valuation and devaluation as in the automobile : if you have a French brand car without problems with more than 300,000 km, you will still criticize the brand... On the other hand, if you have a German brand car that has driven less than 50,000 km and is having problems, you are valuing the brand. ​ ⦁ "Since 2018, sex education books, sites, blogs and apps have been touting the pleasures of non-penetrating sex, an alternative that can meet the real expectations of women and increasingly appeals to the younger generation."

To the left of a young woman's profile is a little red devil and to her right there is a magnetizer represented as a white angel, All on a blue background.

So why all these feminine articles that tout objects to put in the vagina? Until the jade egg which is really useful, but for whom? I advise you to consult my post on the subject. ​ ⦁ “The notion of foreplay prefiguring sexuality on the model of the meal 'starter - main course - dessert!' is therefore getting old ”.

Personally, for me it is: appetizer, pre-starter, starter, first course, second course, cheese, pre-dessert, dessert, sweets and digestif. No matter what her age, no woman has found this out of fashion ! ​ ⦁ The "benevolent gestures in privacy". Benevolent, no, but the carnal, "wild" gestures, loaded with desire - respect - admiration and, above all, grateful for the chance to be with the other. ​ ⦁ For the "sex load", you will have the continuation later if you behave !


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