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Magnétiseur Ludovic Carbone


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The magnetizer

Plaque magnetiseur en cuivre

My work as a magnetizer begins with a precise analysis of energy, mental, circulatory, nervous and mechanical functioning which gives a relevant vision of the disturbances, dysfunctions, tensions and blockages and regenerates them by magnetic harmonization.

I have been welcoming you for 42 years in Royan (17).

I treat with my bare hands without medication. My magnetism is based on a causal approach.

I strive to treat the cause of ailments with reasoning.

I consider all effects to have a cause and therefore treat the cause upstream of the symptoms and the symptoms themselves.

I study the human body as a set of systems in permanent interaction with each other and with the environments that surround the human body on multiple levels.

Magnetism curatif is not a medical procedure, it is intended to treat different ailments and is compatible with any medical treatment. Ludovic Carbone, magnetizer of national and international reputation, can help you throughout your life with magnetism.

Magnetizer magnetizing the shoulder and head of a young woman to relieve these cervicals.


On the magnetism page, you will find the sections "magnetizer price" - "how long does a session last" - etc ...

Magnetism modifies certain areas of the brain associated with the regulation of emotions. We can observe on medical imaging a decrease in the activity of the amygdala of the brain, that of stress and fear, and the strengthening of other areas. Clearly, magnetism practiced regularly has a positive effect on the body, because it acts on immunity, cellular aging and inflammation. All the parameters of aging and the onset of diseases are reduced. With the magnetizer, we increase the chances of aging better.

Magnetism is the solution to fight against the negative emotions, the anger, the stress which decentralizes your "chakras". Magnetism puts back in place the offsets of your "chakras" which cause stress and negative emotions ...

See the section: Magnetism

The advantages of the magnetizer

Galvanize the mind and body, bring down the level of fatigue, relax the muscles, relieve the joints…

These are the strengths of the magnetizer. You feel the energy transfers accompanied by sensations, heat or others, and, without prompting, even being (perfectly) in tune with your body.

A one hour session is enough to achieve complete rebalancing. What you feel, what you think, depends on your energetic, psychic, physiological state.

The energizing action of the magnetizer is radical to drive out the bad waves that hover in your body, in your head or in the air. This ancestral technique of stimulation, often by heat, of energy points seduces the planet.

This practice promotes fascinating physiological changes and emotional well-being, in addition to stress management.

Magnetism boosts the immune system and metabolism like never before. Learn or relearn to trust yourself, have your senses awake, follow your flair, be in full awareness, while keeping the connection to the earth.

Vue d'un cabinet de magnétiseur

I have known M Carbone for several years now. He relieved me many times from back pain.

Lately I had (intense) dizziness that the medicine could not cure (the diagnosis was made but there was no treatment to cure or even relieve).

I called on M Carbone and in a few sessions my dizziness almost disappeared. My daily life which had become hell has become livable again. A big thank you to M Carbone for his availability.

March 4, 2018

Delphine B.


Eau magnétisée et coton magnétisé.jpg

Magnetized water and magnetized cotton

You can prolong a session of my human magnetism by magnetized water or by magnetized cotton.

One of the big advantages of magnetized water and magnetized cotton is that the benefits are felt very quickly. As noted above,

it is imperative that you are the only person handling magnetized water or magnetized cotton.

Prices and details for magnetized water

Prices and information for magnetized cotton

On the data page you will find the following:
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A view of the magnetizer's office

A magnetizer surfer runs on the beach at sunset.

I provide real support to all athletes, whether they are amateurs or experienced. All sports practitioners know it: to progress, you have to be able to recover quickly and efficiently.

The magnetizer treats small and large dogs, cats, birds, rodents, ferrets, NACs, fish

As far as distance magnetism is concerned,
the notion of time and space must be understood differently.

I am indeed able to act on past or future events to alleviate the evils that appear in a present reality.

I use my energy flow to restore the disturbed organism.
The notion of distance is not an obstacle for me who am able to treat and cure various ailments, despite the distance from the physical body.I connect remotely to the mental and emotional body and focus on the area (s) to be treated.

All kinds of people get magnetized by the magnetizer.


Test magnétiseur.jpg

In this video, you will be happy to know that I am doing homeopathy consultations again and I am giving you all the information.

The magnetizer Carbone poses in his homeopathic office in front of a modern painting and a bookcase.
Bureau magnétiseur Carbone

A view of the magnetizer's office

In the "Articles" page, you will find the following:
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- all the information on shingles;
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Vague magnétique

Three posts from my blog

The magnetizer realigns the mind and the physical to optimize the functioning of the body.

It is an ancient science in the service of the harmony of the bodies. Magnetism is a science which proposes to put or put back its health between four energies in order to keep or to find, then to maintain its vital balance.

What better task than:

·         to allow you to regain your freedom of thought, feeling and of course movement;

·         to free yourself from the evils that have gripped you for a short time or for a long time;

·         to allow your mind and body to accompany you as harmoniously and for a long time as possible.

Énergie magnétiseur

The magnetizer clears energy blockages by restarting the flow of energy throughout the body. After locating the tensions and dysfunctions of the organism, it eliminates them and restores the balance: harmonization of vital energies, release of stress, relief of muscular and nervous tensions, deep relaxation and state of relaxation, improvement of blood circulation, activation of the lymphatic system, elimination of toxins.

It is true, a British study found, that heat, from 40 ° C, has analgesic properties by bypassing the propagation of the message to pain receptors. However, the heat given off by the energy of the magnetizer has multiple blows: it restores the flow of vital energy by suppressing inflammation, dilates blood vessels by facilitating blood circulation and relaxes contracted organs. Do not overlook its action on the emotions, the lower mind and the (causal) spirit.

The magnetizer has many qualities

The laying on of hands, because it helps to free oneself from addictions and has anti-stress and pain-relieving effects, is a fundamental principle which is gaining more and more followers. Shall we get started?

Non-invasive, painless and ultra effective as long as it is applied correctly, magnetism allows you to be calmer, to rebalance bodily energies as well as emotional and mental energies (lower and higher). It helps to resolve tobacco addictions, to reduce pain (low back pain, tendonitis, migraines, etc.), to resolve sleep problems and phobias. Without forgetting the support of people who wish to lose weight.

In short, even if since the 20th century, it should not replace medical treatment, it should play a role in many treatment protocols.

The first comic book-type writings are found on monolithic stones and date back to the 12,000th century BC. However, this innate art has been envied for a very long time. In the 16th century, Jesuits brought acupuncture to the West. Given its lack of effectiveness, this new technique fell into oblivion after after getting off to a fine start  in the 20th century. Then, in the nineteenth century, a confusion arises with hypnosis because of a very distant resemblance to the magnetic sleep sometimes induced by the magnetizer. Hypnosis will also be forgotten and reappear in the 21st century.

The magnetizer envisions the body or more exactly the being in a multi-dimensional geographic way, as if it were a galaxy. Like a planet that has, among other things, channels in which water circulates, humans are traversed by a magnetic field like the earth.


This magnetic field responds to stress, but unlike the acupuncturist, the magnetizer knows that the seasons have no interference.


For the magnetizer, the energy, which we will say vital, which bore and still bears many names or abbreviations according to the hemispheres and the times, circulates in the periphery and in the depth of the being, in connection with different constitutional layers.

Magnétiseur diabète.jpg

Magnetizer and diabetes 

The magnetizer has a role to play in diabetes, we only talk about diabetes from 1.26 g / l (fasting blood sugar). Normal fasting rate 0.85 to 1.10 g / l. The level between 1.10 and 1.26 g / L indicates that you should eat less sugar and exercise: this is not prediabetes and there is no sign of the disease.

Magnétiseur arrêt tabac.jpg
Magnetizer Smoking cessation
The analyzes indicate that the normal vape is not without danger. Its long-term effects are otherwise unknown. 50% of active smokers die of their smoking (78,000 deaths in France). The French who try to quit smoking prefer the e-cigarette to the magnetizer, while the latter does not represent any risk in stopping smoking. However, the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes in smoking cessation remains debated, because there is a lack of randomized trials to compare the two approaches.

The magnetiser's approach is attractive, especially since its field of action is aimed at everyone, from fertility, from newborns to seniors, and concerns all kinds of ailments, musculoskeletal disorders (torticollis, sprain, lumbago ...), gynecological problems ... People who come to see a magnetiser for the first time often consider it to be the last chance solution.


Additional information: healer and magnetizer

Thanks to human magnetism, we know that the organism absorbs and conveys many energy flows.

The magnetizer harmonizes these energy flows which act on the psychic and physical level.

Magnetizer and healer

The body. For our elders, the source of healing is in the ability to change our life, for illnesses happen for that. Even if this is sometimes true, the disease becomes a chance, it is far from always the case. The magnetizer raises awareness and supports change. Magnetism works wonders to have or to regain self-confidence. This vital energy acts on the proteins which have a role in longevity, it allows the lengthening of the telomeres located on the chromosomes, limiting the damage caused by certain chronic diseases. "When it is peaceful, they are happy" says the old text. The functioning of the real brain influences the physical brain, then by cascade, all the cells of our body. Stimulation by magnetism induces reactions at the same time on the psyche, the mind, the heart, etc. In spring and autumn, the organism does not wake up and do not fall asleep, but there are modifications to cope with external changes, so it can be useful for some people to be energetically rebalanced. Like any electrical device, the brain is the most powerful source of electromagnetic energy. By using the nervous system, it has an action on the activity of cells. My research allows me to use the electromagnetic emissions of the brain as a complement. The brain is able to reshape its connections, this is neuronal plasticity. The magnetizer is able to act on genetic plasticity. The magnetizer will activate, stimulate, repair or energize one or more intersections. Intersection with two, three or four "waves" which leads to chain reactions. Or else it transmits energy, vitality to trigger the forces of compensation and defense.

The magnetizer acts on a broader conception of health, integrating physical, psychic and social aspects: to what extent has your physical or mental state disturbed your relations with friends, neighbors, family, etc. The magnetizer improves the quality of life.

Epigenetic Magnetizer

If genetics determine the general traits and physical aspects of the person, epigenetics studies the changes, for good or for bad, that the environment can bring to our genome, our hereditary heritage. To act consciously on your health: use common sense, consult a magnetiser, have a tangible pleasure in living, manage your stress well, eat healthily and exercise. (Measure the so-called methylation marks on the genes)

The goal is not to become a cane, but to give the flick to restart the "mechanics".

This is why, apart from the particular, problematic pathologies, it is better that it is the patient himself who decides to come to consult. There is no point in coming after a week when things are going well as or is no point in making an appointment in 5 weeks, when it is no longer going after 10 days.

Who can do the most can do the least, when the energy centers are blocked, nothing works. To (re) tie with plenitude, find or regain your emotional balance and fight against tensions, you have to (re) tune your "chakras".


The magnetizer integrates the energetic, the spiritual, the physical and the emotional. It approaches being in a holistic way. It represents a kind of therapeutic booster that allows a spectacular and profound transformation. One day, INSERM will study the effects of magnetism on the brain using brain imaging. Quantum physics shows that we are immersed in a world of waves and vibrations with which we interact.

Last question: can you tell me about the energy that can be taken from trees?

The magnetizing tree is one of urban legends. On the one hand, in autumn the energy of the trees goes back down to the roots (perhaps making the pear tree) and in winter, there is certainly an extraordinary energy circulating in the tree!

On the other hand, if it is true that everything that lives has a vibratory field, can a tree help a mammal? the answer is no, no more than an insect can magnetize a plant.

Information by carbon magnetizer: latest news

The magnetizer must untie the threads of the invisible, lift the veil of the supernatural and allow the general public to become sensitive to the waves. The history of magnetism deals with the wonders, the fears of yesterday until our contemporary period. To start reading is to force yourself to reread it.

There you will find the science of an unknown world, beyond ethics. The electrified interest generated by this site can help reduce prejudice through the wealth of information. This site is essential for your knowledge of our time and of yourself.

Modern medical knowledge, the treatments dispensed by doctors, surgeons and magnetizers are complementary. Both use their methods to be helpful. Ancient medicine rejected magnetism. Currently, mentalities are changing, even if indecrottables think of the placebo effect and go so far as to accuse of simulation or psychological debility the incurables improved by the magnetizer. Whether you are convinced or not, you know that the gaze is heavy, penetrating or comforting; the distressing, unpleasant, reassuring or seductive voice, the threatening or calming gesture. You are likely to benefit from magnetic fluid.

The magnetizer is much more than a pain wrestler, he is a specialist in existence. The only thing that matters to him is you, maximum well-being thanks to your good alignment.

Magnetizers are specialists in energy, mind, emotions and therefore the nervous system. They cause the stimulation of your own self-healing and defense mechanisms, well-being is also created by the action on the spine.

Magnetizers watch over and provide for the mental, emotional and physical well-being of the individual by working on the square of health, freeing the person from these old and recent ailments. There is connection between the mind, the emotional and the physical allowing the energy to flow freely and the nerve impulse to pass freely, which optimizes the functioning of the body.

How does a magnetizer work?

Magnetizers act on the weak magnetic potential of individuals with a magnetic energy supply, most often by laying on of hands. This transfer of magnetism is most frequently felt by heat and should not be confused with animal heat. A magnetizer emits this feeling when he wants and only when he wants it.

The healers and healers make energy treatments by laying on of hands and magnetic passes, they are traditional healers. These energeticians act on the weak magnetic potential of individuals with a magnetic energy contribution, most often by the power in the hands.

Energy rebalancing is an energy therapy that treats the whole patient's body and souls, it is a path of life and true sharing. Human health is grateful after a magnetization consultation request. The power of the hands uses different techniques to relieve pain.
Traditional medicine is at the service of conventional medicine. The magnetizing healer uses universal energy without side effects. The magnetized woman is grateful, after each session, for her healer who is not a reiki master because she obtains the ability to heal her energy system.

Natural remedy for painful periods

What if you turned to a gentle method for period pain? Find out which one may be right for you.

When the flow of vital energy is disrupted, symptoms appear: among others pain, especially that felt during PMS. By restoring the good circulation of vital energy in the body, the magnetizer releases tension and thus induces not an analgesic effect, but a real suppression of this pain. The heat released by the energy of magnetism on the lower abdomen calms spasms by relaxing the contracted organs and dilating the blood vessels; it also facilitates blood circulation. From the first days of the cycle or the first pains, make an appointment.

Magnetizers, from the start, act on the low magnetic potential of individuals: the rest of the article

A retired couple in shape with the magnetism of the magnetizer are doing gymnastics.

13 rules for aging well:

  •   1) consult a magnetizer;

  •   2) eliminate all industrial food;

  •   3) avoid cold cuts and grilled meats;

  •   4) decrease sugar (it hides everywhere);

  •   5) no tobacco;

  •   6) limit, see removing wine (alcohols);

  •   7) consume seasonal vegetables and fruits at full maturity;

  •   8) prefer organic as much as possible;

  •   9) be attentive to your body;

  • 10) avoid snacking;

  • 11) expose yourself to the sun gradually and reasonably;

  • 12) breathe the healthiest air possible (ventilation);

  • 13) move (walk 20 to 40 minutes a day), be like the older generations (do not be afraid of the stairs). 

The practice of the magnetizer has been around for a long time, there is nothing supernatural about magnetism. Ludovic Carbone, endowed with magnetism, receives you to relieve your ailments by sending an energetic fluid, it is a natural gift.

Ludovic Carbone in Charente-Maritime (17) offers you his services as a magnetizer, healer.

I bring you support and answer your requests. Let's define together the needs necessary for your problems. Contact Ludovic Carbone for all information.

Magnetism has its place in a preventive strategy, especially during the changing seasons, but it is also effective in strengthening the natural defenses in the event of illness. It is rarely painful and always bearable. You end up relaxing and paying attention to your body's reactions. The magnetizer then determines a personalized support plan with exercises to be practiced at home, for example to relieve pain or soothe emotions.

Fortunately for the magnetizers: if the current period is conducive to questioning, it is also auspicious for experiments and observations.

For some, the magnetizer has the skills to act on a universally widespread fluid which serves to maintain the balance of all the vital functions of the organism.

They think that the vegetation also undergoes the action of this fluid. At the origin of the confusion we find a man, we must admit a little cunning, he managed to reinvent magnetism to sell courses with a piece of paper on arrival. Universal energy has a design and purpose other than magnetism, which interacts with vital functions without being vital at the physical level. Vegetation has no relation to human magnetism or animal magnetism and has its own magnetism: vegetable magnetism.

On my site, I inform you about my so-called magnetic sessions to help the healing capacity as well as other medicines. The burn healer or 'coupeur de feu', not to mention the 'coupeuse de feu', like the energetician, must cut the shingles fire and relieve burns from burns. There is also the burn healer for the burn caused by radiation therapy. The purpose of burn healers or 'coupeurs de feu' is to help the self-healing of skin and nerve disease.

The spiritual healer initiates a process of non-illegal healing. Rebouting was a manual practice before osteopathy. The bonesetter was able to calm the back pain and constipation after several sessions.

In lithotherapy, which treats discomfort and calms mental health, quacks are sometimes found in the use of crystals.

Qigong can relax a knee or, through manual positions, calm joint pain.

It has happened that hypnosis or sophrology, with medical monitoring, calms a painful situation such as rape by removing copies.

The clairvoyant who practices clairvoyance and the medium who uses a ritual relieve depression.

A reflexologist practices plantar reflexology for headaches, but also non-plantar reflexology for the stomach.

The sophrologist wants to reduce the emotional blockage that causes insomnia and prevents losing weight.

The magnetizer woman uses reverse polarity magnetism. And, it should not be confused with a shaman woman.

A so-called spiritual practitioner uses prayers against warts.

The therapist who practices herbal medicine gives advice to the physical body.

It is always nice to read 'thank you again for what you do'.

In my energy healing practice, there is the breath.

Animal magnetism uses meridians and at least one chakra with innate sense of healing on emotional practices and migraine.

Grandma's remedies on my physical and cosmic purification journey are much better.

The therapeutic methods are sometimes esoteric. At the first session, it's like a well-being massage that relieves rheumatism and tendonitis for good.

Aromatherapy is said to be used in cases of herpes, chemotherapy and is effective on scars.

Naturopathy can be used in chemotherapy and osteoarthritis. For scarring and psoriasis, improvement would happen inch by inch.

A practitioner should give relief for sciatica, hernia, and otitis.

Acupuncture is a Chinese medicine sometimes practiced by the attending physician, but rarely in the emergency room, and without a doctorate, it is an illegal practice.

The energetic techniques of the healers cause tingling.

Alternative medicine would work wonders for emotional states, eczema, skin problems and sprains.

The healing power comes from unconventional intuition.

In alternative medicine, there are doers on the verge of charlatanism.

Practitioners use several non-ancestral, but empirical, therapies.​

A healing medium with his mediumship will claim to heal, at the risk of practicing medicine illegally, without surgery, fractures.

The reiki master practices Reiki, but not Ayurvedic with Ayurvedic massage. He can sometimes be in the quackery or in the humanist.

The radiaesthete, not to be confused with the dowser, practices radiesthesia with his pendulum and the geobiologist who practices geobiology with the telluric effect are intuitive.